Cuidad de las Ideas
to Nov 19

Cuidad de las Ideas

La Ciudad de las Ideas es un festival de mentes brillantes, una celebración de la creatividad y la curiosidad del ser humano. Con la participación de más de 60 conferencistas, científicos, humanistas y líderes de opinión, del 17 al 19 de noviembre, Puebla fungirá como sede de este festival internacional. De manera paralela, se presentará un programa artístico y cultural que integrará cortometrajes, intervenciones artísticas y más.

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ChangeLabs: Use Visual Storytelling to Sell Your Big Idea
9:00 AM09:00

ChangeLabs: Use Visual Storytelling to Sell Your Big Idea

4th Annual ChangeLabs (Tuba City, Arizona)

Change Labs is an initiative supporting Native entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial approaches to the problems and challenges we experience on tribal lands. Change Labs 2017 features hands-on workshops, panels, a social innovation Change Expo, a community dialogue on entrepreneurial barriers, and engagement with Native artists and food vendors.

A new product or service — no matter how affordable or effective — does not necessarily lead to systemic change nor enable a sustainable business model. Visual diagramming can help to identify weak links and potential optimization areas in the supply chain, distribution methods, funding streams, and behavioral shifts required to take a social innovation to scale. 

This process can help you think through what you need to do in order to get a business off the ground or create and new product.

Most important, visual storytelling can explain your Big Idea to customers and investors! Alphachimp founder Peter Durand will teach attendees how visual communication and graphic visualization can help entrepreneurs prototype and brainstorm.

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MATTER Chicago: Use Visual Storytelling to Sell Your Big Idea
9:30 AM09:30

MATTER Chicago: Use Visual Storytelling to Sell Your Big Idea

This 90 minute workshop addresses these questions: why are TED Talks so engaging? What do venture capitalists and angel investors want to hear? Who is your target audience at the center of changing behavior and making an impact? What are the basic building blocks of “storytelling” and why are organizations identifying it as a core leadership skill?

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Become a Rockstar Scribe Workshop in Nashville
7:00 AM07:00

Become a Rockstar Scribe Workshop in Nashville

Give yourself and your team the basic skills, knowledge, and confidence to create large drawings for group meetings, brainstorming sessions, community gathering, and conferences. We'll be hosted by our friends at the beautiful Nelson Andrews Leadership Center, located on Percy Priest Lake next to the Joe C. Davis YMCA Camp Widjiwagan. This place was made for people to be creative while soaking up nature. 

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to May 15

Minneapolis May Rockstar Scribe Workshop

This special Rockstar Scribe workshop is an opportunity to find the connection between emotional intelligence, graphic recording and group facilitation.

In this 1 and 1/2 day visual workshop you will learn to better connect with the people you serve, add tools to your professional toolkit, and  differentiate yourself and your service.

This workshop is for HR professionals, project leaders, consultants, managers, trainers, visual thinkers, and innovators who want to learn to be better leaders and move beyond words and the tyranny of the bullet point list.


Over the course of 1 and 1/2  days, you and other practitioners will be led by Lisa Griebel (Principal of Crescendo Inc and Rockstar Scribe)  andPeter Durand (Chief Chimp, internationally recognized graphic facilitator, and online educator) through engaging learning exercises and play.

The Rockstar Scribe Workshop will equip you with tools to help visualize ideas so that others can SEE thoughts and make better decisions.

At the center of this workshop—and everything we do at Alphachimp — is joy.

Expect to have fun in a light-hearted, human-centered atmosphere.


May 14th from 12:30PM-5:30PM
(We will provide snacks and beverage) 

May 15th from 8:30AM-3:30PM
(We will provide snacks, beverage and lunch.)


May 10, 2013


$495 — EARLY BIRD TUITION by March 26th
$595 — NOT-SO-EARLY BIRD TUITION by April 8th
$695 — REGULAR TUITION after April 8th

Additional 20% discount for student, education, government, non-profits. 

Contact us for details.


Centennial Lakes Park is located in beautiful Edina, Minnesota (just southwest of Minneapolis)

With a 24-acre park and pond, Centennial Lakes Park offers the ultimate urban escape. The park features more than 1.5 miles of paved pathways meandering around a 10-acre lake interspersed with beautifully landscaped grounds, formal and informal seating areas, swinging benches and fountains.


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6th Annual La Ciudad de las Ideas
to Nov 9

6th Annual La Ciudad de las Ideas

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An idea, a real and valuable idea always has a unique quality: danger. 

Ciudad Candid Photo

The dangerous paradigm-changing ideas, which break the status quo, are what makes great minds unable to settle their reality. That's why this year we've invited those intellectuals, activists and artists who dare to think differently and to seek to innovate despite the risk. 


Dare to live the intellectual adrenaline and discover why some ideas move and how dangerous ideas revolutionize the world.


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