365 Global Commons

The Global Commons Initiative was launched in January 2017 with the ambition “to create new norms for business, investors, governments, in order to operate globally within the planetary boundaries.” 

At the beginning of 2018, Paris-based graphic recorder Guillaume Lagane set a challenge for himself and his peers:

Create a daily visual series that inspires positive action to save our Global Commons.

Trying to modernize massive economic systems in order to preserve and protect the planet can feel overwhelming and lead to a feeling of despondency and despair.

The 365Posts for the Global Commons Project is on display on twitterlinkedin, and instagram.

The project's guiding principles for the project are simple:

  1. Be positive.
  2. Be visual.
  3. Post daily.

Such a daily post — plus the creation of unique images — is a huge task. So, Guillaume invited several graphic recorders and artists from his global network to contribute, including:

Alexia Leibbrandr (France) @bigsista_lexia

Alfredo Carlo (Italy) @housalfredo

Dina Elsayed Saleh (Egypt) @yoppa1

Etienne Appert (France) etienneappert.fr

Florent Courtaigne (France) @florentcourtaigne

Frédéric Debailleul (France) @freddebailleul

Jorg Bogumil (Central Europe) @visualification

Maiy El-wakeel (Egypt) @maiy_elwakeel_art

Mike Fleisch (US) @santamarx 

Muna Abdurrahman (France) @muna.abdurrahman

Nick Gros (France) marker-power.com

Peter Durand (Yours Truly!) @peterdurand

More on how to help design tomorrow, today, please visit: http://globalcommons.earth/