#TEDMEDscribe Jill Sobule




Alphachimp loves the musical stylings of Jill Sobule. Whether musing about the death penalty, anorexia, or what it would be like if Edgar Allen Poe had taken Prozac, she delights and challenges her audience in her sly, funny way.

Check out our electronic scribing of her presentations at #TEDMED so far, in addition to our scribings of the other incredible speakers we've gotten to see. If you missed her, don't worry- she's peppered all over the schedule, so we'll be hearing lots more about how "Disease Don't Care!" 

We will be visually capturing each presentation on iPads. Our scribing will be livecast on monitors nearby. We will be sharing our images and videos on the #TEDMEDscribe and #TEDMED hashtags, on our Facebook page, and on Flickr and YouTube.

If you're at TEDMED, please come by and say hello!